Create Lasting Memories for your Special Day with a Greener Planet!

Celebrate your commitment to each other with family and friends with an inspiring wish for a greener, cleaner tomorrow. Include a tree planting ceremony with your special day at Living Water Resorts.

Watch your tree and your love grow forever with a carefully selected shade or flowering tree and commemorative plaque.

Plant with your loved ones:

Plant with your team: $750.00


Let us take care of the planting $850.00

Installation will occur when weather and ground conditions permit between
May through October.

To learn more contact Jessica Veldhuis or 705-445-6600 ext 253


Jessica Veldhuis将在那里为您提供帮助。欲了解更多详情,请联系杰西卡 1-800-465-9077 ext 50253 or