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We provide our members with a fun and caring vacation community in Collingwood — and at thousands of destinations around the world.

Vacation membership is both a guarantee and a gateway. A guarantee of time to do what you love to do, with the people you love to do it with. A gateway to a lifestyle that puts the fun, relaxation, and memorable moments of you and your loved ones first, in everything we do.

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20 years of memories

For more than 20 years, Living Water Resorts has designed and developed inspiring residential and resort communities based on the core values of creativity, innovation, fun and caring. Headed by Mr. Larry Law, our company strives to bring our promise of a fun and caring community to our developments, partners, and employees.

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As a member you have the best in vacation service the world has to offer. Never again will you be yearning to get away from all the stress, the weather, the dullness. It is our job to make sure you get away every year and to have you do it in style.

exclusive access

What’s more, you’ll have exclusive access to shopping discounts all around the world. Let us take care of your grocery shopping before you arrive, and make sure you get to go to all the places you want to see without you having to break a sweat. No matter where you go, as a member you will have five-star accommodations, a full-time concierge, and so much more.

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