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Spring Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Spring Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Have a little time on your hands?  Now is the perfect time for a little DIY!

Self Care project that will give your complexion a healthy glow: clean your favourite go-to brushes weekly to help you maintain good skin health.

“Glowing Skin is Always In

Benefits of Deep Cleaning your Makeup Brushes

  • Remove the pigment of your last colour palette
  • Dirty brushes hold bacteria, causing breakouts
  • Clean brushes absorb less product and save you money
  • Regular cleaning will extend the lifespan of your brushes

Let’s get it started!

There are a lot of different products on the market, however read the labels, they can be full of poor ingredients that can be harsh on your brushes and harmful to your skin.

At Living Shore Spa we recommend natural, gentle soap that will break down the oil built up on your brushes and leave them clean and soft.


  1. Select a clean bowl.  I have a ceramic mug that I love, but it just doesn’t hold enough coffee to kick start my morning.
  2. Add 1.5 cm of warm water no more, we don’t recommend getting water in the ferrule (metal part of the brush)  
  3. Add 5-10  drops of a gentle soap.  I prefer an unscented or tea tree oil castile soap. If you have Witch Hazel add 5 drops to the soap and water mixture.
  4. Put your brushes in the soapy water.
  5. Cleanse your hands 
  6. Place a drop of the soap in the palm of your hand or on a clean silicone exfoliating pad
  7. Gently rub the brush to work the soap into the bristles
  8. Rinse the brush under warm water, repeat cleaning until the water runs clear from the brush
  9. Reshape your brushes and let them dry on a clean towel. Make sure the brushes point downward so the water does not run back into the metal ferrule or wooden handles. 

The drying is the most time-consuming part, leave them overnight and they should be dry by morning. When it’s time to apply your makeup you will be amazed at how clean and soft your brushes are. Clean makeup brushes are an easy way to maintain a radiant glow.


– Written by S. Van De Vechte, Living Shore Spa Manager