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Living Shore Spa Synergy At Home Treatment

Living Shore Spa Synergy At Home Treatment

Living Shore Spa Synergy At Home Treatment

By Sandy-Kay, Collingwood, ON

Our daily routines are tiring and stressful at the best of times. Balancing family, work, social life, health and a thousand other responsibilities takes its toll on our physical and mental health.

Mounting stress and worry can wreak havoc on our minds, our bodies, and our nervous systems. At Living Shore Spa, one of our most popular services we recommend with our guests is our Synergy Massage, a lovely relaxation massage targeting tension points of the head, hands and feet. However, at this time due to closures during COVID19, our spa team may not be able to care for you as we normally would, but we are still here for you. Your health and wellness journey is still our primary concern and until we are able to reopen our doors, we are dedicated to offering at home self care suggestions for you. Take time to de-stress, quiet your nervous system, pamper and nurture your physical and spiritual self.

This self care is a melange of a luxurious soak in the tub, aromatic oils and blanket therapy before bed and it gives you a welcome respite from worry and anxiety that can aid in a good night’s sleep. Many of us can testify to the calming effects of a soak in the tub but for some the benefits of a blanket wrap will be a new experience.

There is a little prep for your Synergy at Home Treatment, the key is flexibility… use what you have available and minimize clean up.


Blanket Therapy Set Up:
1. In a quiet bedroom layer 2 or 3 heavy and soft blankets on the bed. Make sure the softest one is on top as it will be against your skin. If you have a weighted blanket, we suggest using it for a top layer.
2. Place a pillow for your head, have an eye pillow or soft hand towel close by to lay across your eyes. Add a little aromatherapy spray to your linens if you desire.
3. Create the spa atmosphere. Minimize the light, add a soothing playlist or make the room as quiet as possible (your preference). Make sure the room temperature is suited to you, set out battery operated candles or fairy lights and if you have an essential oil diffuser, add your favourite relaxation or restorative blend.

Bath Therapy Set Up:
1. Draw your bath. Use very warm water, not scalding! Add your favourite essential oils, bath salts or bubbles. We suggest soothing blends of camomile, or lavender.
2. Find a cup, ladle or sponges to place on the side of your bath
3. Create the spa atmosphere. Dim the lights, add a soothing playlist, set out battery operated candles or fairy lights, use the good towels you deserve the best!
4. Hydrate. Make sure you have an unbreakable glass for water close at hand, add lemon, mint or cucumber for that extra little touch.

And begin!

• Gently swirl the waters to check the temperature and disperse the bath products evenly, ease yourself into the bath.
• Close your eyes, enjoy the heat, the scents and the soothing sounds.
• Allow your body and mind to quiet, focus on your breath.
• Take deep cleansing breaths.
• Using a ladle, cup or sponge slowly and methodically begin to ladle water over your neck, shoulders and arms, visualize the water slowly washing away the stress.
• Avoid the face and eyes as the essential oils can cause irritation.
• When you feel you are finished with the ladling, lie back, close your eyes and try to maintain this peaceful state for 10 more minutes or as long as your bath has heat.
• When you are ready, quietly and gently step out of the tub, pat your skin dry with a lovely towel.
• When you are comfortably dry, quietly move into the room prepped for your blanket wrap.
• Remove your towel or robe, lie on the blankets and pull them tightly around your body, cover your eyes for added calm. Snuggle into your cocoon and rest for 20-30 minutes.
• Meditate during your blanket wrap, encourage positive thoughts and thoughts of gratitude. When you feel ready, gently unwrap and prepare for bed.
• Continue to maintain gentle and calming movements.
• Leave the mess, it will still be there in the morning, take advantage of your at home synergy treatment to calm your mind, lift your spirit, and enjoy a night of respite.

Our thoughts and positive energy are with you and we encourage you to take time for self care.

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