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Healthy & Thrifty Travel Tips

Healthy & Thrifty Travel Tips

Travelling can be expensive and sometimes get unhealthy when wrong choices are made.

 We want to help you ensure your vacation is nothing more than relaxing and fun! We have come up with healthy & thrifty travel tips to help your wallet stay shut and your jeans stay fitted during your travels:

  1. Rent a suite with a kitchen
    1. When you rent a suite with us, they are equipped with a kitchen. This is a major aspect of how to save money and stay healthy while travelling. Instead of eating at restaurants for every meal you have your own kitchen; you will be able to prep all of your own meals.
  2. Avoid buying food or snacks while skiing
    1. Try to write a list before you head to the ski hills of everything you need for the day! Some essentials include: water bottles, hot chocolate, snacks (fruit, chips, etc). Even bring a lunch along – since you have your own kitchen suite, it won’t be hard to do.
  3. Exercise
    1. Our resort offers a wide range of FREE fitness classes including Zumba, Cardio Boot Camp, Yoga, Pilates, and more. All of these classes are one hour – they are for all ages and all levels! Can even turn into a fun family activity if you get the little ones involved too.