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For Our Future: Cranberry Village Takes Part in Youth Career Expo

For Our Future: Cranberry Village Takes Part In Youth Career Expo

On Tuesday April 5th, we had the privilege of participating in the Youth Career Expo hosted at Collingwood Collegiate Institute.

The event was intended to encourage the youth of our community to open their eyes to the potential possibilities available to them right here in their hometown. Our goal was to inspire the younger generations to be a part of this beautiful community’s future.

It was so exciting to hear and see what the kids in our region aspired to do with their lives, and even more amazing to make them aware of the many opportunities that are right here in their childhood communities.

After talking and interacting with around 700 students throughout the day, we at Cranberry Village were encouraged by the talent and enthusiasm this upcoming generation has. We are eager to see what the future holds for each one! For job opportunities, email Customer Service at