June 4th, 2021
Living Water Resorts “Humbled” to Receive Tourism HR Canada’s 2019 Distinguished HR Service Award

COLLINGWOOD, ONTARIO – Tourism HR Canada has honoured Living Water Resorts, a leader in positive human resource practices, with the 2019 Distinguished HR Service Award. The award is presented annually as part of Canada’s Tourism Week and recognizes individuals or groups that demonstrate leadership in advancing human resource management practices contributing to economic and social benefits for workers and the Canadian tourism sector.

“On behalf of our servant leadership team and staff at Living Water Resorts and the local caring community, we are humbled to receive Tourism Canada HR’s Distinguished HR Service Award”, said Larry Law, CEO and Founder of Living Water Resorts. “I am once again reminded of the good grace to work with distinguished people who serve our guests and our team members. We are very proud to join the past award recipients who have demonstrated leadership that contributes to economic and social benefits for workers and the Canadian tourism sector.” Living Water Resorts is an organization that is committed to Business as a Mission and strives to be a platform for promoting compassion, inspiring each other to live out meaningful lives, and striving for excellence in serving guests, staff, the community, and beyond. Living Water Resorts leaders are dedicated to being “servant leaders” to ensure staff members find fulfilment and inspiration at work. It believes the care and support its staff receives enriches their attitudes and creates a positive influence on the company and its community. As Larry Law confirms: “Our wish is that staff members see themselves ‘not only cutting stones, or simply earning wages, but helping to build a cathedral.” “In the absence of action and response, words and vision are meaningless.”