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2018 Wedding Trends

2018 Wedding Trends

Over the past seasons, Living Water Resort & Spa has seen a great amount of wedding dates, decor, and design. In 2018 we predict weddings will be EXTRAORDINARY.

We know that wedding trends are always changing which can be very overwhelming to stay up to date with through the entire planning process. We have insight on what is going to be TRENDY in wedding dates, decor, and design for 2018 and we truly believe you are going to fall in LOVE with these details!  

– DATES – 

Your wedding date is one of the first details that you and your fiance will plan. Most couples begin searching for a venue that has availability for a date falling on a Saturday, however 2018 is the year that Sunday weddings are the next best thing.

Getting married on a Sunday is a unique day of the week that can truly bring together your family and friends in an intimate setting. There are so many great benefits to getting married on a Sunday, here are a few of our favourite:

•  A Sunday brunch wedding can affect your budget for the better! Many of your wedding costs such as the venue and food will be much lower due to your chosen date of Sunday.
•  The chances of a venue having your first choice for date is very likely to be available which will definitely make you jump for joy!
•  The type of food served at a Sunday brunch wedding can be absolutely scrumptious. You are guaranteed to hit everybody’s taste buds at a brunch as you are able to serve the perfect mix of breakfast and lunch!

sunday brunch

With a full calendar year ahead, your Sunday brunch wedding dreams will make you fall in LOVE all over again!


Terrarium geometrics are a unique detail that come in all shapes and sizes allowing them to be perfectly placed throughout your wedding. These beautiful glass arrangements leave the ideas limitless for any ceremony and reception.

It is important to plan and place your decor throughout your entire wedding from the ceremony right through to the reception. Terrarium geometrics can certainly tie the entire wedding day together leaving your guests amazed.

For an outdoor nature themed wedding simply include sand, rocks, flowers, or succulents to your terrarium geometric. For a more romantic feel you can include candles or string lights.

Imagine walking down the aisle to candles glowing inside each uniquely shaped terrarium geometric or having astonishing flowers pouring out of them over the altar upon your arrival.

Inside your reception they can continue to bring your entire wedding day together. You can use the beautiful glass arrangement as a part of the guest book or a unique twist on a card box. Your centerpieces can come to life as you tie together the theme by having an arrangement of terrarium geometrics filled with the detail of your choice.


Go beyond your imagination and fall in LOVE with the 2018 wedding decor trend!


You want your guests to walk into your reception and feel as though they’ve never seen anything like it! You may question yourself and wonder how can I do this as every reception is usually a head table, round guest tables, and plenty of chairs. Well, this is the year that round tables are no more!

Imagine walking into your fully detailed reception with an amazing twist on tables. As the ideas are endless, here are a few of our favourite:

• Long harvest tables with a beautiful mix of chairs and benches for your guests to sit at.
• Harvest tables placed in the shape of a cross or other unique shapes to transform your venue space.
• A perfect mix of round and harvest tables to transform your venue space.

table set up

The ideas are limitless with your table design! Fall in LOVE with the transformation of your venue space – make it a WOW moment for you and your guests! 

With 2018 weddings being EXTRAORDINARY we strive to execute TRENDY weddings that you absolutely LOVE! Living Water Resort & Spa has so many wonderful amenities to make your wedding dreams become a reality! As we continue to stay current with wedding trends, you can be sure that your dates, decor and design are perfectly in line!

Stay on trend this year! For more details on weddings at Living Water Resort & Spa contact our Wedding & Social Sales Manager Christine Thompson at 1-800 -465-9077 ext 253  or email:

Featured Image Photo Credit:  Amos Photography
Header Photo Credit: Brad Quarrington